10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Videographer Before You Book

How Do You Choose a Wedding Videographer?

When planning a wedding, it’s important to consider all the details, big and small. One of the decisions that needs to be made is whether or not to hire a wedding videographer. We’re going to leave out the most obvious question “Are you available for my day?” However, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire one, here are some questions to ask potential videographers before making your decision:

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How Long Have You Been Filming Weddings?

The first thing you should ask any potential Wedding Videographer is how long they’ve been filming weddings. To go along with that you can ask how many weddings they’ve filmed. Just because someone has been filming weddings doesn’t mean they’re the best choice. Someone who’s only filmed 10 weddings in 10 years has less experience than someone who’s filmed 30 in 5 years. Our team films an average of 6-10 weddings per year. It’s important to note that a videographer’s experience will directly affect their cost:

How Much does a GREAT Wedding Videographer Cost?

What’s Your Style?

Just like every other Wedding Professional a Videographer has their own unique style. (Hopefully) Some film in a journalistic sense that will feel more like a documentary. Some films in a Cinematic sense that may not come in chronological order or your audio may be dubbed over film clips from different moments. Our team delivers what’s considered in the Industry to be a Short Wedding Film. It’s an emotional film of your wedding day with licensed music and voice overs of your most important moments. Typically, our editor follows a chronological order of events, but may veer a bit. Short Wedding Films tend to be 5-12 minutes in length. We also deliver a “Highlight” Reel that’s about 1-2.5 minutes that’s perfect for sharing on social media with your guests. 

What moments should be included in your wedding video: Must Have Wedding Moments

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

What’s Included In Your Videographer Packages?

When you hire a videographer, they will usually provide a range of services to capture your wedding day. This may include the filming of the ceremony, reception and speeches as well as capturing natural shots of the guests enjoying themselves. Some videographers may also offer to create a montage of your wedding day or even produce a short film. It’s important to discuss what is included in your package with your chosen videographer to ensure you are happy with the services they will be providing. Double Check that Audio is included so you’re not disappointed later.

Our Memories Videography Package includes 2 shooters for multiple angles, lapel mics for both bride & groom, and editing to create an emotional Short Wedding Film.

Have You Ever Filmed at my Wedding Venue?

It’s important to ask if they’ve ever filmed at your wedding venue before.

Many videographers have their go-to venues where they feel comfortable and confident filming, so it’s important to make sure your venue is on that list. If it’s not, don’t worry – many videographers are happy to film at new venues, but it’s always good to ask ahead of time. You’ll know they’re the best fit for you if they show an interest in visiting your venue before your wedding day to get a feel for the lighting and where they are allowed to film from even if they haven’t shot there before. 

When interviewing videographers, be sure to ask about their experience filming at different types of venues. Some videographers have more experience filming at traditional churches and country clubs, while others have more experience shooting in modern museums and warehouses.

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

Are You Flying Solo or Will You Have a Partner?

When it comes to wedding videography, many couples are opting to have a second shooter. This is someone who captures footage from a different angle, often capturing the bride and groom from behind. Having a second shooter can add an extra layer of excitement to your wedding video, and it can be a great way to capture memories from different perspectives. If you’re considering hiring a second shooter for your wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that your videographer has experience shooting weddings with two shooters. Not all videographers have this experience, so be sure to ask before you book.
  2. Discuss what the second shooter’s role will be. Will they be responsible for capturing the bride and groom’s reactions? The details of the ceremony? Or something else entirely?
  3. Be prepared to pay extra for a second shooter.

Music Sets the Mood

When selecting music for your wedding video, it is important for your videographer to consider the overall vibe you want to create. Do you want a romantic and elegant feel? Or something more upbeat and fun? Once you have a general idea of the mood you are going for you should be able to discuss this with your videographer. They may have recommendations or even already have some songs in mind that would work well. Remember that your videographer has to use licensed music and for that reason you won’t be able to use the same songs you hear on the radio. Getting permission to use songs by popular artists on your wedding video can be costly. Most often, couples and their videographers use music by lesser known artists who make their music available for things like this. 

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Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

Will You Be the One at My Wedding?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. We have lots of videography companies offering services in our area that aren’t even from our area. I just heard about a wedding last October that hired a videographer who they never spoke to or met. They found some internet service that hired a third party to show up at their most intimate moment to film them. I don’t know about you, but that sounds awful to me. As a Wedding Professional I feel that we provide the best service when we get to know our clients and they feel comfortable with us. 

What Input do you Want From Us?

This is a very important thing to ask any potential Wedding Videographer. If they don’t want your input about your video……..RUN! The most crucial part of being a wedding professional is remembering who the big day is about. Just because someone has 30 years of experience doesn’t make them the best match if they don’t have time to listen to you. Not every couple is the same and you don’t want to be treated like a machine part on an assembly line. A professional telling you that your input is important to them is what you’re looking for. They’ll combine their experience with your dreams to make a lasting wedding video for you.

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

Who Do You Like to Work With?

When you ask them this question, expect honesty. I’m always up front with our clients about our experiences with other local professionals. If someone was wonderful to work alongside I’ll give them a thumbs up. If someone didn’t work in a way that I felt was best for my clients I’ll let you know we have a different approach to weddings. Having a team that works well together will make your day run smoothly and in the end everyone will have better results. In fact, that’s why we’re a part of a larger team! You can scroll to the bottom of this blog and check out our partners: Erie DJ EntertainmentErie Wedding Planning., and of Course Silver & Sage’s Wedding Photography and Photo Booth Teams. We’re part of a larger wedding company that works closely together often during each wedding season. And (BONUS) our company offers a discount if you book the teams together.

Tell Me About How I Get My Video?

I saved this question for last, because it’s really the last step of the process. You’ll want to know how your video is delivered and how long you can expect to wait for it. Every Videographer is different in their approach. A lot of old school Videographers deliver one copy on a DVD. This allows them to completely control the video distribution. It’s an un-burnable copy so you’re forced to purchase additional from them. Some newer ones will deliver your video on a flash drive. This gives you a bit more control over the content. Lastly, we’re in a group of professionals who offer online delivery. Our clients get a private website address where their video is viewable, downloadable, and shareable any way they’d like. This gives you complete control and easy access to whatever you wish. 

As far as delivery time goes..well it can take on average 10 – 20 weeks because the editing process is long and tedious and during the wedding season can be interrupted with the fact that we can’t spend as much time in the office. We’re out a lot filming weddings like yours. Some videographers leave all their editing until the end of wedding season because of this and you have to wait until December for your June wedding video. It’s really best to ask so you’re not sitting on pins and needles later on.