Football Themed Fall Wedding in Erie Pa – Don & Linda

Football Themed Fall Wedding in Erie Pa – Don & Linda

Fun Football Themed Wedding in Erie, Pa

Don & Linda decided to host a unique Football Themed Fall Wedding in Erie Pa. The couples love story began over one of their favorite hobbies, bowling. That’s right. They met and love blossomed while on a bowling league together. The couple discovered they shared another fun past time as well… However, they are passionate fans of opposing teams. Linda loves the Pittsburgh Steelers and Don supports Da’ Bears. 

So, in the spirit of absolute fun the couple chose a football theme for their Fall Wedding in Erie Pa. Our team was delighted to capture this next step in their love story with our small Sweetheart Collection that is just perfect for intimate affairs. Don & Linda tied the knot at their home church and then traveled with our wedding photography team to several locations including Winter Green Gorge Cemetery AND the bowling alley where it all began! 

After wrapping up formal photos with their bridal party the couple and our photographers made their way back to The Siebenburger Club in downtown Erie to enjoy an early afternoon reception with dancing and delicious food. 

Thank you again Don & Linda for allowing us to capture this chapter of your love story. 

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