Thrilling Boudoir Christmas Session in Erie Pa

Thrilling Boudoir Christmas Session in Erie Pa

Sexy Santa Boudoir Christmas Session with lights

This hot hot hot Boudoir Christmas Session was spicy, sexy and so much fun! As with many of our boudoir clients, Lady C (for Clause) wants to keep her privacy protected and above all else, that’s what we do here at Silver & Sage Boudoir Studio. So, all the images we’ll showcase for you will be both erotic and mysterious. wink wink

Lady C is someone I’ve known for a very long time, so when she asked if I’d be willing to do something that she’s always wanted to do….a boudoir Christmas session…I was MORE than on board. I’ve also always wanted to shoot a boudoir Christmas Session. Luckily, our studio had just done a few weekends of holiday portraits so the tree was already up, decorated and ready to go. All I had to do was put up our in studio bed with the racy, red silk sheets and light some soft glowing candles. 

Lady C brought along a few different outfits including 2 naughty Mrs. Clause outfits as well as some colored lights because I only keep single colored strings in the studio. She also brought along some candy canes for a few cute photos. 

We began the session on my antique white couch and chair set and moved to the bed afterwards. We finished up on some white fur rugs in front of the lit up tree for this Boudoir Christmas Session. This 1.5 hour session came with 25 digitals and a 10X10 vegan leather bound photo album with Lady C’s favorite images laser printed onto the album pages. I’m really looking forward to our next session together. 

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