Charming Wedding in North East Pa- Matthew & Susan

Charming Wedding in North East Pa- Matthew & Susan

Charming Wedding in North East, Pa

This charming wedding in North East Pa took place during the height of the Covid shut down. Matthew & Susan had originally planned a September wedding for 2020 but when colleges and universities shut down, they found themselves home sooner than they intended. And with no clear end in site decided to bump their wedding up to May and alter plans a bit. Both the bride & groom come from large familes so with the restrictions only parents and siblings attended besides the couples two best friends who served in the bridal party. With the changes to her wedding Susan decided to expand her color pallette to a bright, vivid, and cheery array that suited the warm day perfectly. After a beautiful ceremony at First Baptist Church in North East, the couple held a buffet style luncheon at the church. Brunch was served to the small group and much fun conversation flowed. Our teams at Erie Photography & Erie Videography captured the proceedings.

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