Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding Photography Styles

From dresses to décor, style preferences vary from couple to couple. One of the most important stylistic decisions all couples have to make is choosing a wedding photographer. In fact, you should choose your wedding photography style even before you reach out to potential photographers. If you go the other route—book first, learn about the style later—you may end up with photos that don’t match your vision. This preliminary research will help you make the right photography investment. You want to love your photographer’s style. They worked really hard to figure out how they shoot and edit, so couples need to make sure their style is what you want.

Today’s most popular wedding photo styles include fine art and even dark and moody images, but classic images remain constant as well. But what if you like, say, classic and dark and moody photos? Do you have to choose one or the other? Don’t worry, because many photographers offer a variety of styles throughout the day.

With so many options, it’s tricky to choose what wedding photography style is best for you. There is one easy way to find out: analyze your social-media saves. Look at Instagram or Pinterest and see which types of images you’re liking and saving the most. We Call This an Inspiration Board. If you can see a pattern where everything is similar or in the same family, that’s great. Otherwise, you can create mood boards or start Pinterest boards to see what you like most. After a few weeks of going through and pinning, you’ll start to see a trend. From candids to classics, here’s everything you need to know about wedding photography styles to inform the decision about your photographer.

wedding photography styles

Classic Wedding Photography Styles

Classic and traditional wedding photography styles are similar to what many couples’ parents have from their weddings. These straightforward photographs may not be highly creative—they’re typically shot at eye level and posed—but they stand the test of time. Most photographers incorporate at least some traditional photography into their mix, particularly for family portraits after the ceremony.

These photos will persevere throughout the years and won’t go out of style. It’s very simplistic and nothing crazy, but they still look good 50 to 60 years later.”

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Styles

Candid and documentary-style photographs make for some of the most heartfelt and memorable images, which is why many photographers have adopted a photojournalistic style. These photographers treat the wedding day almost like a feature or news story. They let the moments unfold naturally, then snap away, recording the magic as it happens.

Silver & Sage Studios uses this wedding photography style intermittently throughout the day, comparing this to being a fly on the wall. At the beginning of the day, we might be more classic and natural with a light direction; I’m helping the couple because they’re nervous and we want them to feel comfortable. As soon as the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception hit, we are just capturing things as they unfold.

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

Editorial Wedding Photography Styles

On the opposite end of the spectrum, editorial wedding photography style images are much more posed, almost like a fashion magazine. This style is rarer in the wedding photography industry. Many photographers have perfected this style. They’ve grown their businesses by specializing in it.

In most cases, the couple goes into wedding planning knowing they want this but have a different expectation for their wedding photography. They want it to be like a photoshoot with a high-end, luxury feel.

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Dark & Moody Wedding Photography Styles

If you’re looking to capture your big day in a new, unique way, the “dark and moody” wedding photography style might just be what you’re looking for. This new trend is taking the wedding industry by storm, bringing with it an air of mystery and glamour that is sure to make your special day even more unforgettable.

The dark and moody approach utilizes shadows, contrasts and silhouettes to create stunningly bold images that stand out from traditional wedding photographs. By embracing darkness instead of avoiding it, this photography style can give your photos a dramatic look that captures the emotion of the moment like never before.

This new trend has been embraced by some of the top photographers in the industry who specialize in creating dreamy photographs full of depth and beauty.

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

Aerial Wedding Photography Styles

You probably wouldn’t want your entire wedding day captured through aerial photography, but drone photographs are a great add-on that more and more photographers now offer. Aerial photography works well for photo sessions, ceremony exits, and, if it’s outside, a reception.

Make sure to ask your photographer if they offer drone wedding photography style before signing the contract. Some offer it as an add-on because they have to hire a separate photographer. Others won’t offer it at all.

Fine Art Wedding Photography Style

Fine-art wedding photography style is most commonly associated with film photography, but it’s become more of a hybrid these days—particularly as it grows in popularity. This style is known for being light, bright, and airy.

“It’s a softer, delicate, and cleaner look than straight digital,” she says. “Fine art goes with the bright and airy style, which is what’s typically achieved when shooting on film. Film photography, while it may be bright and airy, can also add grain or noise native to the film. Photographers either shoot film or are film inspired because they want to achieve that look.”

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography
wedding photography styles

Black & White Photography Style

Black and white wedding photography is an amazing option! This timeless style has been around for centuries, and it’s perfect if you are looking to capture the moments of your special day in a classic way.

Black and white wedding photography captures the beauty of the moment without being distracted by colors. The absence of color allows subjects to appear bolder, creating a more striking image with more contrast between light and dark areas. Black and white photos also have a romantic feel that makes them perfect for weddings. They can help tell your love story in an elegant way, allowing guests to look back on your special day through these timeless photos.

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