Beautiful Wedding at Sparrow Pond – Cory & Kellsey

Beautiful Wedding at Sparrow Pond – Cory & Kellsey

Wedding at Sparrow Pond in Waterford, Pa

Cory & Kellsey celebrated their early Summer Wedding at Sparrow Pond in Waterford, Pa. The couple chose to hold their outdoor ceremony directly in front of the adorable pond at the venue. The couple was surrounded by close family & friends. In fact, the groom’s brother was licensed as an officiate just for the honor of marrying the two. Eve Frank, Wedding Planner with Erie Wedding & Event Services held a meeting with the officiate just to help calm his nerves as this was his first time out. There was just a bit of a snag in the celebration as the sky opened up just as the officiate pronounced Cory & Kellsey husband & wife. While the rain slightly delayed some of the formal photos, it did not ruin the day. A lively reception followed at the VFW Club in Wesleyville Pa. Erie DJ Entertainment and Photo Booth by Erie Photo Booth provided the entertainment for the remainder of the evening. Shortly after meal service, the photo team was able to sneak back outside where the sun was shining to a cute little grassy lawn for more formal photos. 

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