Where to Get Engagement Photos Done – 5 Great Ideas

Where to Get Engagement Photos Done – 5 Great Ideas

Wondering Where to Get Engagement Photos Done? We’ve got some sweet ideas.

Where to get engagement photos done is probably the most crucial step in setting the scene for your engagement photo collection. (After decidingPicking the wrong scenery can ruin your photos and leave you feeling deflated. So, let’s talk about the right places…for you. Because every love story is unique, each couple should choose a location that fits them the best.

Deciding where to get your engagement photos done should be as easy as having a quick conversation with your fiance. Eve Frank, Wedding Planner with Erie Wedding & Event Services gives this advice “Sit down and have a quick talk about several locations in your local area. Talk about indoor versus outdoor and areas that mean something to you. Come up with a list of your top 3 spots and then present that list to your Wedding Photographer. They will be able to tell you about the lighting, scenery, and mood for that area to help you finalize which location works best for you.”

She goes on to say “In fact, once you’ve talked about location, your photographer can help you decide When to Get Engagement Photos and even What to Wear. We’ll go over some tips to help you create that list here.

Where To Get Engagement Photos Done

Indoor versus Outdoor Engagement Photos

Where to get Engagement Photos done leads to a few questions. The first thing our Wedding Planner Expert suggests is deciding if you want to do indoor or outdoor photos. For many couples this decision is based on the season and weather. However, most couples try to do a combination of both. For instance, we took Engagement Photos in December and began walking in the snow outside and finished up inside in front of the Christmas Tree and a roaring fire. Think about your own likes and personalities. We had another bride directly tell us “I’m an inside kind of girl”. She left no room to question that she was more comfortable with an inside location. So, if you spend most of your time together inside, reflect on your relationship. Things like enjoying a hot beverage at your favorite coffee shop or playing a game of chess can make for a great photo shoot. If most of your joint activities are outside, consider an outdoor session. For instance, if you love visiting the beach together schedule your engagement pictures down at the lake or on Presque Isle

Get Engagement Photos done at YOUR Special Place

Deciding where to get engagement photos means thinking about what’s special to you. Taking your photos in a place that has significant meaning to you will make you feel more comfortable and at ease. It will also bring back loving memories and set the mood. We worked with a couple once that loved hockey. In fact, he was a hockey coach and she attended all the games. In addition to loving hockey, the LOVED Tim Horton’s coffee. So, we met at our local Tim Horton’s coffee shop for some photos before heading outdoors to capture their love of winter. 

Another couple chose where to get engagement photos because it was their wedding venue. The venue was a popular local golf club that they frequented for dinner and socializing. The idea of being in a familiar setting that they loved and that they would UNITE their love was the most fantastic idea! 

Don’t forget to consider unique locations you may enjoy together as well such as the Erie Zoo, a Theme Park, or even a race track. Remember, your engagement pictures should capture YOUR love story. 

Where To Get Engagement Photos Done
Where To Get Engagement Photos Done

Consider a Historic Landmark

When brainstorming about where to get engagement photos done, make sure to leave room for important historic landmarks in your local area. One time we captured a surprise proposal at the Bicentennial Tower in downtown Erie, Pa. The groom selected that spot because she loved walking there after a dinner date. The proposal was beautiful and we had this amazing backdrop that she’ll remember forever. It’s perfectly preserved in their Engagement Gallery. 

Other historic landmarks to think about can include art and history museums, public parks with statues commemorating important moments, or natural landmarks…like a river or nature reserve. Here in Erie we have places like The Watson-Curtze Mansion or Asbury Woods that are ideal engagement session locations. Just remember to check with any potential locations for permission and fees. Most photographers will have a clause in their contract requiring you to cover any entrance fees for photo shoots. And really, is it fair to ask them to pay for that? 

If you have any other questions about where to get engagement photos done you can reach out to us and ask! A professional wedding & engagement photographer is going to have answers to most of your questions to make planning your day less stressful. Remember, that it doesn’t matter where or when you take engagement photos. If you don’t click with your photographer, you won’t have as good an experience. Here’s a list of What to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer. If you’re still not sure who to go with an Erie Wedding Planner can really help with that.

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