Why You Need An Engagement Photoshoot – 5 Top Reasons

Why Do You NEED An Engagement Photoshoot?

There’s no hiding that I think an Engagement Photoshoot is a crucial step in your wedding planning. But, why take engagement photos? What’s the big deal? Well, I’ll tell you my 5 top reasons to schedule an engagement photo session. When you’re done looking over these amazing reasons, reach out to set up your engagement pictures with us!

Engagement Photoshoot

Tip #1- Getting to Know Your Photographer

This is the TOP reason to have an engagement photoshoot. Your Wedding Photographer is more than just a person holding a camera. They are going to spend hours on your wedding day with you. They will capture intimate moments from Getting Ready to your First Kiss. In addition, they will be directing you, your family, and your bridal party throughout the day. It can get pretty awkward if a stranger shows up before you’re all the way dressed and starts moving you around. An Engagement Photo Shoot gives you and your fiance the time to get to know your Wedding Photographer away from the hustle and bustle of your wedding day so you’re more comfortable during your big day. After all, wouldn’t you rather be able to relax, knowing your wedding is in capable hands? Holding an engagement photo shoot gives you the chance to build a relationship of trust with your wedding photographer.

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Tip #2- Get Comfy In Front of the Camera

This may seem like a weird reason why to have an Engagement Photoshoot, but really it’s not. Let’s be frank. You probably don’t walk around with a professional photographer following you. Well, maybe if you’re a part time celebrity you do. For the rest of us, it can be pretty awkward to have someone shoving a camera in your face telling you to smile, kiss, and show love all day. That’s why having an engagement photo shoot is so helpful!! It’s like Wedding Photography training for you and your fiance. In fact, at the beginning of every engagement shoot we set aside time to explain to our couples that we will be teaching them how to model. And that’s what we do. We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and secure in front of the lens so that only genuine emotions and smiles show through instead of your nerves and stress. You’ll be guided on how to pose while having a great time so you’re ready for your wedding day! No one wants to feel nervous on their big day. After all, you have enough other things to worry about.

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Engagement Photoshoot

Tip #3- Building Trust in Your Photographer

Building trust in your photographer is another great reason why to have an engagement photoshoot. In fact, it kind of ties into #2. Let’s face it, Wedding Photography isn’t cheap. And, while you may have done some research and browsed through your photographers past galleries, you need to be sure. (Strike that..you better have done some research. That’s really important!) It’s such a major thing to make sure you not only gel with your photographer, but that you’re going to love those photos when they deliver them. Having an Engagement Photo Shoot is the best way to tell if you’re going to love your Wedding Gallery. You’ll be able to see firsthand how long it takes your photographer to get photos back to you. (We’re all different in that.) In addition, you’re going to see a full gallery featuring you, not someone else. Do you feel like the photographer understood the assignment and captured the essence of your love story and your personality? Think of your Engagement Photoshoot as your test run. 

Tip #4- A Chance to Tell Your Story

Having an Engagement Photoshoot is something I stress with every couple we work with. In fact, you can tell by our website. Every page talks about Capturing YOUR Unique Story. This is your love story! The two of you wrote it together, chapter by chapter, as you grew closer. Your personalities, likes and experiences have shaped your story and it is unlike anyone else’s. Every part of your story matters, from how you met to how the proposal went. Your Engagement Photos are a chance to share that complete story with your friends and loved ones. In fact, one of my favorite engagement sessions began in the location of the couple’s first blind date and ended in the location he proposed. (Okay I may have used one of their photos for this section cause I’m still cheesing over it.) We followed the path of their story up. to the pivotal moment they became engaged. Are you cheesing too? That sappy smile is all the reason you need to have your own Engagement Photoshoot. Look great in your photos with our Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas.

Engagement Photoshoot
Engagement Photoshoot

Tip #5- You’ll have Photos to Use for Wedding Stuff

Finally, this is my last reason for doing an engagement photoshoot (On this blog anyway, I could go on and on.) We offer our couples some pretty cool options on using their engagement pictures. You can create personalized Save the Dates or Invitations to your Bridal Shower or Wedding. My favorite use though, is the Video Slide Show we offer our Wedding Clients. We ask our couples to share photos of themselves growing up and the early stages of their relationship with us. Then we have them choose their favorite images from their engagement gallery and we create a video slideshow that’s displayed at their wedding so their guests can enjoy watching their journey! Afterwards, our couples take that video home to keep forever. Another popular option is a Guest Book Picture Frame! Your guests sign the frame that displays your favorite Engagement Photo. Later, you can switch it for your most loved Wedding Day Photo!!

These are just some of the reasons you should do an engagement photoshoot with your wedding photographer. Trust me, we have plenty more reasons. But in all reality it helps us as well. We like to get to know you. Hearing about your love story gets us just as excited as you are to have us capture your unique story. Connect with us to talk about your plans. If you think you need a little more help you can connect with our Preferred Erie Wedding Planner at Erie Wedding & Event Services.