When To Get Engagement Photos – 5 Best Reasons

Wondering when to get engagement photos done? We Got You!!

The question has been popped and the answer is YES…..when to get Engagement Photos!!! Just kidding…or not. We’re going to cover all of the possibilities here from when you book your Wedding Photographer, to how far in advance you should have your engagement session. We’ll also talk about the best times of year AND what time of day works best for when to get Engagement Photos. 

Stick around because this is going to be an exciting ride full of lots of crucial information to help you have the most amazing Engagement Photo Shoot ever!

when to get engagement photos

How Far Out Should You Book Your Session?

Deciding when to get engagement photos begins with searching for your Wedding Photographer. You’ll notice many include an engagement photoshoot in their Wedding Collections. It’s good for both you and them. You get to know each other better AND you have amazing photos for announcements and Save-the-Dates. (See more reasons Why You Need An Engagement Photoshoot.) If you’re sending out Save-the-Dates, when to get Engagement Photos is easy. You’ll want to do it 12-6 months prior to your wedding day. Remember that typical photo turnaround time can be 4-8 weeks depending on what time of year you meet. (If you book during your photographer’s busy wedding season the wait will be longer.) After getting your Viewing Gallery you’ll need time to choose your photo and order cards. Save-the-Dates should go out at least 6 months prior to your wedding day. Sooner, if your wedding falls near a holiday date.  The next item to consider is well…your actual wedding day. A lot of couples we work with want to get engagement photos in the same season of the year that their wedding will take place to tie things together. If that’s the case, obviously you’ll want to hold your engagement session 14-10 months before your wedding day as seasons are about 3-4 months long.

What Season to Get Your Engagement Photos?

When to get Engagement Photos can rely heavily on the season of the year, as we talked about above.  This is especially true for fall weddings when you have the red and orange of nature in your engagement photos. Or a gentle snow fall in your Save the Dates to celebrate your upcoming winter wedding. The next seasonal item to consider is your personal favorite time of year together. We photographed one couple who was very active in the winter together. They were involved in winter sports so a snow shoot made sense. Outdoor winter activities were a large part of their love story. Think about what you enjoy doing together as a couple and try to bring that joy of the season into your session. The last thing to consider when deciding when to get engagement photos is the one couples don’t usually think about. You MUST consider your photographer’s schedule. The Northwest Wedding Season runs strong from mid-May to late October with the busiest time running from late July to the end of October. Ask your photographer how heavily booked they are during the time you want to take engagement pictures. If it’s during their busy time you will not be able to get a Saturday date and you will wait twice as long to get your photos back because they are so busy capturing other Wedding Stories.

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

What Time of Day to Get Engagement Photos?

Now that you’ve decided ‘when to get engagement photos’ you need to decide ‘when to get engagement photos’. What? Did I just stutter? No. I mean…what time of day is best for Engagement Photos. Start by asking yourself what you want to capture. If you’re taking outdoor photos the sunlight, or lack thereof, will affect your decision.

First, any good professional photographer will tell you about the “Golden Hour”. This is our dream time to take photos. It’s the time of day when the sun’s gorgeous rays are soft and compliment everyone. There are 2 hours each day. For early morning risers, it’s right after the sun emerges. For everyone else, it’s right before the sunsets.

The next thing to think about is High Noon. You know why they called it High Noon in all those old Westerns? Because the sun is highest in the sky at that time. It’s roughly noon to two o’clock each day. It’s the least flattering time of day to take outdoor photos. The sun is at its hottest, so you can find yourself sweltering in the summer. It’s also at its brightest, leaving you squinting in every photo. Be cautious with planning your session during this time of day. This lighting can leave you with the dreaded ‘racoon eyes’ in your pictures. 


If you have any other questions about when to get engagement photos you can reach out to us and ask! (Like Where to Get Engagement Photos done?)A professional wedding & engagement photographer is going to have answers to most of your questions to make planning your day less stressful. Remember, that it doesn’t matter when or where you take your engagement photos. If you don’t click with your photographer, you won’t have as good an experience. Here’s a list of What to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer If you need more help you can always reach out to an Erie Wedding Planner who can get you started on the right path