10 Top Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Top Ten Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

You’re here because you’re looking for the best Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas, but first…. Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times of your life. You are writing the most important story you ever will. This is the next chapter of your Love Story. And every love story is unique. It’s made up of two wonderful people and their love for each other. Your Engagement Photos will help capture that story so you can share it with the world.

While your Engagement Photos will be fun, they will also be a terrific opportunity to get to know your photographer before your wedding day. There are a million other reasons to have an Engagement Photo Session. Check out Why You NEED An Engagement Photoshoot for a list of the top reasons!

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Should Match your Shoot Location

After booking your Engagement Photos the very next step will be to decide Where to Take Your Engagement Photos. Once you’ve settled on a perfect spot you should keep that in mind when coming up with the Perfect Engagement Photo Outfit ideas. Think about your surroundings. Heels on the beach or a mountain trail is probably not the greatest idea. Wearing a short sleeve top out in the snow may be something you regret while you’re shooting. Also, think about scenery and colors. If you’re taking photos in a lush green park you don’t want to blend into the background or, on the other hand, stick out like a sore thumb. In bright and colorful locations think neutrals and light solid colors. However, when shooting in the snow or a location with a lot of white think brilliant colors that will pop! Also, your perfect outfit should reflect the theme or atmosphere of your location. On the beach? Go for a flowy seaside outfit. In a historic museum? Choose an outfit with a vintage feel. Set the stage!

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Should Coordinate, not Match

Listing Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas can be fun and easy. As you are coordinating your outfit with your fiance’s, keep in mind that your outfits will look the most cohesive on camera when the color palettes coordinate, but do not necessarily “match.” You should each aim to wear a different dominant color, but stay within a similar color palette family. So if you’re wearing a blush dress, soft blue earrings and nude heels (blush being your dominant color), then he could wear a navy coat with gray pants, paired with brown leather shoes and maybe even a blush pocket square. Now he has his own dominant color (navy) while still incorporating a few touches of your color palette. Most of our brides choose their dress first, and then put together their fiancé’s outfit based on that. And trust us, he’s used to it and probably appreciates the help. Most groom’s come to us with no idea on what to wear. Keep this in mind with any outfit changes you’re bringing as well. Make sure your casual engagement photo outfit ideas coordinate as well as your formal outfits. That way your hair and makeup will still look great in whatever you change into. AND you’ll nicely blend into the scenery you chose. 

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas
Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Should be Flattering

While brainstorming Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas you should keep in mind your everyday choices. We all have areas of our body that we aren’t as keen about. Your wardrobe is most likely full of outfits that you purchase to accent the parts you love and hide the parts you aren’t as in love with. For instance, I hate my upper arms. So, when I know I’m going to be in photos I select 3/4 length sleeves that hide the parts I’d rather not stand out in photos. Taking advantage of the natural features you already feel comfortable with will help you to take better photos. Why? Because the better you feel, the better you look. The gentlemen and ladies can both use this tip to make themselves feel and look better. Remember that this is NOT the time to try a new style of clothing you’ve never worn before. You have no idea how it will look on camera and most photographers will charge if you don’t like how your photos turn out and request a second shoot.Also, if you’re on the taller side and a little anxious about it, choose flats instead of heels. You don’t need any extra anxiety when you’re in front of the camera.

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Should Include Comfortable Shoes

Did you know that a good pair of heels can make your legs look longer? I bet you also know that they can kill your feet after a while. So, when choosing what to wear for engagement photos remember that showing up in stiletto heels is going to leave you with some aches and pains later. In fact, that pain may show up in your pictures no matter how happy you are to be in the arms of the love of your life. Show up in comfortable shoes and carry the heels with you. Put them on just for photos and then slip into your comfy shoes again while changing locations. Trust me, your feet will thank you. In addition, if you are buying new shoes for your engagement pictures, break them in. Plan on buying any new shoes at least 2-3 weeks before your shoot and wear them in the house. Make sure not to do any cooking, cleaning or eating while wearing them so they stay fresh and new looking. But the object here is to break them in so you’re comfortable during your shoot. And remember how I mentioned wearing flats at the end of the last tip. 😉

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Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Should Be Old Friends

Okay, so we can be honest with each other, right? We’re women here. We have a thing for shopping. I think it’s the same thrill guys get when hunting or fishing. We find this amazing item and SCORE!! However, this is not the best idea for a major photoshoot like this. When coming up with Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas start in your closet first. Why? Because you look your best when you feel your best. Your favorite sundress that makes you feel stunning will show through in your photos. Plus, you know that outfit. You have a relationship with that outfit. It’s your best sweater friend. You know how it feels and how it lays against your skin. It’s not going to disappoint you. Horror story I see unfolding all the time: client buys brand new outfits (sometimes even the day of the shoot). They’ve never worn this outfit. In fact, their only experience is holding it up against them in a store or throwing it on quickly in the changing room. And it always happens….outfit failure. Bras straps show through, skirt or jumper is too short leaving the client feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable. Buttons strain, or it’s too baggy and you look terrible. That discomfort will show up on your face in every photo. Don’t risk outfit failure.

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Shouldn’t Include Patterns

I’m just going to say it bluntly. I don’t like too many patterns when it comes to taking portraits. So many times they look great on the clothing item, but not great in the photo. Patterns can make you look…ummm….less appealing than you hoped in a picture. Patterns are not on my list of what to wear for engagement photos because they don’t usually look that great. However, not all patterns make me cringe. A nice plaid in the fall as long as colors don’t clash is great. And if you’re insecure about your weight, vertical stripes can make you appear thinner.  The biggest mistake I see with patterns is really…too many patterns that don’t match. If your fiancee is planning on wearing a plaid shirt, you should compliment it with a solid. If you’re wearing a sundress with a whimsical floral pattern, have your partner wear a solid shirt in a complimentary color. Work together to make sure your photos look amazing. And you know, working together on your Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas is great practice for marriage. wink

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas
Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Shouldn’t be Trendy

We all love trends. I mean, isn’t that what makes them trends? Things go in and out of fashion. Mini-skirts, maxi-skirts, neon colors, aquanet hair, and MC Hammer Pants are some that I can think of. I’d list current trends but then I’d be doing just what I don’t want you to do. I’d be dating this blog. Trends can make you look and feel great because you’re in the latest style, but looking back, trends can make you feel embarrassed. How many of us look at our High School YearBook and exclaim: WHAT WAS I THINKING? 

You don’t want to have regrets in 10 years for what you chose to wear for engagement photos. Pick classic clothing items that never go out of style like khakis, denim, suits, solid color items, etc. And style your hair and makeup as natural as possible as well. Oh, and try to stay away from wearing logos and printed items. You might like Nike right now but will you appreciate that logo in 20 years hanging on your wall? 

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Can Be Classy

Nothing makes you feel like a million bucks like a well fitted suit or a sweet dress. Most engagement photo session include at least one outfit change. So brainstorming Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas gets a little easier. I strongly suggest to each couple to select one everyday, casual outfit and one dressy outfit. Your engagement pictures will be shared with your parents, grandparents, and other family members. Remember how much it delighted grandma to see you dressed up? Think about how mom gushed over you when wearing a cute dress.

Picking at least one dressy outfit is going to make you feel special because we really only dress up on special occasions. It’s also going to leave your parents with a proud tear in their eye. Also, it’s great practice to hug, snuggle, and cuddle wearing dress outfits. After all, you want to look like you’re right at home in your Wedding Collection. You’ll be getting close while wearing super dressy wedding outfits. Might as well get good at it now. 

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Shouldn’t be LOUD

NO LOUD COLORS!! Did I get your attention? Loud, bright colors do not photograph well and should not be on your Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas list. Remember all the neon colors in the 80’s (I’m shuddering over here. I think 80’s fashion left me scarred.) Guess what a photographer’s editing nightmare is? That’s right..neon colors. We wake up in cold sweats thinking about trying to make our clients look good in loud, bold colors like neon. They are never flattering on the skin no matter what we do to try and fix it. This also ties in with choosing Classic items and staying away from trends. Khaki, cream, navy, black, gray….those neutral colors will NEVER go out of style because they look great on everyone. Pick a color palette you can live with looking at for decades. Also, consider your complexion and hair color. As a natural blonde I avoid wearing yellow even though I love it. Yellow makes me look washed out. Now I’m going to revisit ONE exception…brilliant rich colors such as red or burgundy look FANTASTIC in the snow. If you’re thinking of doing a winter engagement session you’ll be okay picking a non-neutral color. Not sure when to do photos? Check out When to Get Engagement Photos.

Engagement Photo Outfit Should Showcase YOU

As I mentioned before, most sessions come with at least one outfit change. And while dress up can be fun, you want to represent who you really are as well. When deciding what to wear for engagement photos you should choose something that represents who you are as well. If your personal style isn’t over the top preppy, don’t choose a preppy outfit. You won’t feel comfortable and you won’t look natural. I mean if you spend almost everyday in Cowboy boots mucking it up, why aren’t you including them in your Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas? On the other hand

Personally, I love wearing muted rose pink and floppy hats. I try to wear that color and big floppy hats as often as possible. My favorite hat is just a floppy straw beach hat that doesn’t leave my head in the summer. Bring in elements of you to your engagement shoot. Your family and friends will smile when they see you shining through your photos.

Wedding Photographers in Erie PA - Silver & Sage Studios - Wedding Photography

If you have any other questions about where to get engagement photos done you can reach out to us and ask! A professional wedding & engagement photographer is going to have answers to most of your questions to make planning your day less stressful. Remember, that it doesn’t matter where or when you take engagement photos. If you don’t click with your photographer, you won’t have as good an experience. Here’s a list of What to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer. If you’re still not sure who to go with an Erie Wedding Planner can really help with that.