Fall Engagement Pictures Guide – 5 Great Tips

A Complete Guide to Taking Fall Engagement Pictures

When autumn rolls around, the leaves change color and the air becomes crisp. Warm days full of gorgeous color fade into nights snacking on popcorn, apples, and donuts. This is the perfect time to take fall engagement pictures! The scenery is beautiful and there’s a lot of different options for locations. Here are some tips for taking fall engagement pictures:

Fall Engagement Pictures

Choose a Beautiful Fall Engagement Pictures Location 

First, you’ll want to set the scene. Pick a location with lots of fall colors. This could be a park, a forest, or even your backyard. In Erie County we are lucky to have so many amazing outdoor fall photo options. 

One of the more popular locations in Erie County to take fall engagement photos at is Frontier Park. It offers sprawling fields of grass and lots of trees with colorful leaves. Another fun option is Presque Isle State Park. Not only are there changing leaves, but there’s also sandy beaches and gorgeous sunsets. 

We have our own secret Fall Engagement Pictures location with access to a tree lined path, a creek, lakefront photos and beautiful sunset views. We won’t tell you here. It’s our little secret spot. Reach out to plan your session with us and we’ll meet you there!  Or check out some fantastic ideas here: Best Places to Take Engagement Photos

Participate in Fall Activities and Use Props

I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time of the year. And, I’m guessing it might be yours too since you’re considering taking fall engagement pictures. That means you also love autumn activities. Pumpkin farms, pumpkin carving, spiced donuts and breads, apple picking, and making piles of leaves to jump in are all fun autumn activities. My favorite fall engagement photo session was when we took photos of them throwing leaves at each other. My most recent session chose a local winery right at the time the grapes are ready to be harvested exactly one year before their wedding date. They enjoyed a glass of wine together and I enjoyed getting this gorgeous shot of their ring on those plump concords. 

Fall Engagement Pictures
Fall Engagement Pictures

Consider Weather, Light, and Time of Day

While engagement photos during any time of year will be magical, there’s something about fall engagement pictures that is unique. The combination of crisp weather, golden light, warm colors, and the seasonal smells just make it romantic and inviting. 

The crisp weather during the fall months allows you to bundle up in layers of warm, fuzzy sweaters and gorgeous scarves. The sun’s rays seem more golden when reflecting off the brilliant orange, yellows, and reds of the changing leaves. In addition, taking your photos during the ‘Golden Hour’ right before sunset can leave you with breath-taking images for your engagement photos.

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Prepare Fall Outfits for Your Photoshoot

Putting a little bit of thought into your outfits will give you a big payoff. We at Erie Photography offer an outfit change to our brides and grooms-to-be. So, it’s good to prepare two outfits.

You and your partner’s outfits should complement each other, but you do not want to match. Leave the matching flannels at home. Those are best for a weekend BBQ while watching the game. 

Warm fuzzy sweaters in solid colors, long sleeve solid colored tailored shirts, khakis and jeans are all great options for the ladies. Consider a maxi-skirt with knee high boots if you want to go dressier. Cute pulled back updo’s are great for fall because of the wind. You don’t want a mouthful of hair during your session. 

And for the fellas, a solid colored tailored shirt or sweater in a complimentary color with khakis or jeans will look amazing. Depending on your personality consider casual slip on shoes or dressier boots for the guys. Something he can wipe clean easily in case the ground is a little wet.

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Fall Engagement Pictures

Opt for Natural Makeup and Hair Styles

As with your outfits, your hair and makeup at your fall engagement pictures should be timeless and in keeping with your usual style. Now is not the time to try a new fancy up-do for the very first time. Unless you want to practice your wedding looks in your engagement photographs, of course.

Highlight your natural beauty by sticking to mascara, foundation, brows, and a light lipstick.

For fall engagement pictures, lean into your hair’s natural texture. You might consider an updo to keep your hair out of your face as autumn tends to be windier.

And remember to treat yourself to a manicure before your photoshoot. Your engagement photographers will want to get some pictures of that gorgeous ring.

Consider Layers for Fall Engagement Pictures.

Here in Erie, Pa the autumn weather can be mild and welcoming with warm golden sun or it can be rainy and cool with a chill in the air. So, we’re sending you off with this last bit of advice. Consider layering your outfits so you don’t freeze or die from heat exposure. 

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